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The Bible starts out where most stories start out—at the very beginning. It is here that we are first introduced to God, and get a glimpse into who He is and what He is like.  In this passage, God reveals Himself to be a powerful creator.  He not only creates the heavens and earth, but He only has to speak to do so!  He also reveals Himself to be a God of order by the process He creates through, and that He is capable of creating things that are “good” and “very good.”

The second chapter isn’t trying to tell the story of a separate creation.  Instead, where the first chapter focused on the creation of the heavens and the earth, the second chapter of Genesis focuses on human beings and their important central part to creation.  God once again reveals that He is capable of creating things that are good—“delicious fruit,” beautiful trees, and the first man and woman who perfectly complimented each other lived free of shame, hurt, or any other negative feelings.

This first passage introduces us to God who is powerful in what He can create, purposeful in how He did it (springs to water plants and a perfect companion for the first man), and that He creates things that are “good” in every meaning of the word!

Names Places

God/Lord God – creator of everything

Man – first living person

Woman – second living person


Garden of Eden – where God created man/woman and plush trees bearing fruit


Pishon (river)

Havilah – full of very pure gold, aromatic resin and onyx

Gihon (river)


Tigris (river)


Euphrates (river)

Interesting fact:
There is much debate about the exact locations of the lands and the rivers mentioned in this passage. As a result, it’s impossible to find the location of Eden. Tomorrow you’ll read about the reason why we are not in Eden and the why it is so impossible to find the exact location! The map below is to offer a general location for this passage. (The map is from Logos Bible Software).

General location of the Garden of Eden

General location of the Garden of Eden