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In the last passage we saw that God blesses all humans (even if they don’t follow Him) and in this passage God shows that there are very serious consequences for not following Him—death. And death as the judgment and penalty for not following Him (and as the consequence of sin) will prove to be a major theme of the Bible.

Thankfully, God also shows that this isn’t a matter of “case-closed,” but that He is also gracious in the redemption He offers. In this passage we see that the world was filled with people who were wicked and filled with evil thoughts—so grieving to God that He decided to flood the earth to wipe out the sin.  However, God decided to spare Noah and his family because Noah was “righteous” and “blameless” and ”walked with God.” Does that mean Noah was perfect?  Genesis 9:20 shows that isn’t the case at all, but the important part is that Noah relied on God and God has once again shown that while the standard is perfection, He mercifully and graciously recognizes that humans are sinful cannot attain that standard.

In this passage we also see that God keeps His promises (specifically the ones He made to Noah) and that in keeping His promise God also provided whatever was necessary—how else could Noah round up all those animals and have enough food for the duration of the flood?  And after the flood God once again shows how well he knows humans—God tells Noah that He will provide a rainbow as a sign that He will remember the promise.  Not because God will need a reminder, but because God knows that one of the effects of sin is to have a short memory when it comes to the promises of God.  The theme of God providing signs and humans not remembering or not fully trusting God’s promises is one that will show up often in Genesis (and beyond).

Names Places

God – God

Sons of Man – most likely powerful despots
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Noah – righteous, blameless man who walked with God

Shem – Noah’s son (covered Noah backwards)

Ham – Noah’s son (saw Noah naked)

Japheth – Noah’s son (covered Noah backwards)

Noah’s wife – Noah’s wife

Noah’s sons’ wives – Noah’s sons’ wives

Canaan – Ham’s son



Mountains of Ararat – the final resting place
of the ark after the floodwaters receded.
In the eastern part of modern day Turkey.
see below (Map is taken from Logos Bible Software)



Nephilites/Nephilim – race of giants



Interesting fact:

Why did Noah curse Ham’s descendants for what He did?

At that time, seeing one’s father naked was a violation of family ethic.  The sanctity of the family would have been destroyed and strength of the father would have been completely mocked.  While Ham accidentally stumbles across this, it’s unlikely that he only went out to ask his brothers to help him cover their father.  It is much more likely from the context (an reactions) that Ham came out and informed his brothers almost as if he had somehow triumphed over Noah.

Mountains of Ararat

Mountains of Ararat - Where the ark landed